National Public Radio
“The Bolo Tie's Artful Ride From Closet To Museum,” Interviews with Norman L. Sandfield and Diana F. Pardue, by Ted Robbins, on “All Things Considered”: Listen to the story.
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Arizona ArtBeat: Bolo Ties
A look at the official state neckwear of Arizona with bolo tie aficionado Norman L. Sandfield. His collection of bolo ties is part of a new exhibit at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. Uploaded by AZPBS on December 2, 2011: or youtube

Norman L. Sandfield, collector extraordinaire, from the Vault at the Heard Museum, showcases the new Heard Museum exhibit -- Bolo Ties: Vintage and Contemporary Artistry. Uploaded by the Heard Museum on December 27, 2011: youtube


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“Arizona Museum Displays Bolo Ties, Symbol of West,” by Felicia Fonseca; Posted Sunday, December 4, 2011: link

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“Heard Museum Spotlights Native American Bolo Ties,” by Lee Allen, December 6, 2011: link

Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico
“Mystery of the Bolo,” by Kathaleen Roberts, Journal Staff Writer, Friday, December 16, 2011: link

The Orange County Register, California
“Ties That Bind,” by Felicia Fonseca, January 29, 2012: link

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“The Bolo Tie: A Vintage Art and Contemporary Fashion Statement on Display at The Heard Museum,” by Megan Mattox,
January 26, 2012: link

The Eagle, Bryan-College Station, Texas
“Bolo Tie: Symbol of the West,” by Felicia Fonseca,
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